Stock image library ground& aerial photos of Manchester

1 deansgate
                  manchester central
                  library urbis manchester cathedral
1 Deansgate
The Big Wheel
Urbis by night
cis building central
                  library shambles
                  square at night manchester cathedral
The Lowry by night
Central Library
Manchester Cathedral
                  photo of Coronation Street manchester beetham tower
                  aerial refuge
                  building aerial
Coronation Street
Beetham Tower Manchester
Refuge Building
manchester supertram manchester shopping imperial war
                  museum north manchester
                  london rd
Manchester Super Tram
Exchange Square
Imperial War Museum
London Rd
                  from the air shambles
                  square town hall the
Aerial photograph of Manchester
Shambles Square
Manchester Town Hall
The Printworks
                  station the arndale market st st marys gate
Victoria Station
The Arndale Centre
Market Street
St Mary's Gate
                  art deco art deco shops aerial
                  photograph of central libraby area of Manchester
The Daily Express Building
The Daily Express Building
City Centre aerial view
                  aerial 6373 6374 6376
Aerial photo of Castlefields
                  stadium aerial old trafford
                  cricket ground aerial stadium aerial aerial
                  photograph of manchester
Manchester Utd
Old Trafford Cricket Ground
City of Manchester Stadium
Coronation Strt TV set
central library manchester wide angle photograph of the Central Library Victoria
                  Baths aerial men (
                  manchester evening news ) arena
Central Library
Central Library
Vicroria Baths
MEN Arena
urbis cis
                  building 111
                  piccadilly barton
                  arcade 1
                  deansgate manchester
CIS Building Aerial
111 Piccadilly
Barton Arcade
1 Deansgate
cis building royal
CIS Building Aerial
Royal Exchange


Aimed primarily at the marketing , planning, architectural, property and publishing uses, manpic offers a stock image library of professional quality photographs suitable for brochures, planning, television, books, magazines, newspapers, product packaging etc. The picture library has an architectural theme to it due to our interest in architecture both old and new and we have both ground and aerial photographs, indeed we have something of a passion for aerial photography. Manchester contains some hidden gems of architecture as well as some of the country's most recognizable buildings. Take for instance the aerial photograph of Coronation Street, nothing could be more recognizable but from the air you can see its really a fake tv set! Manchester is currently a boom town with lots of exciting new buildings being built or about to be built. We are following the progress of this construction with regular aerial progress photographs. All the images are taken on either medium format negatives or as is more usual now a digital SLR camera. Most of the 2005 images are done on a Canon 20D professional digital camera which gives excellent resolution allowing large scale or selective enlargement. The images here are only a tiny fraction of those Manpic have available so please email for specific requirements.


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